• What Can You Do About An Illegal Addition In A Home You Want To Buy?

    When you buy a home, there are a host of problems that you can encounter. A common one that is found is that an addition to the home, such as a bedroom, was illegally constructed without the proper permits from the municipality. The discovery of an illegal addition does not mean that the sale is off, but it could spell trouble for you in the future if you do not handle the situation before closing.
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  • Renters: 3 Signs That You Should Hire A Real Estate Attorney

    For most renters, renting a home from a landlord or property management company is simple. However, in some situations, renting can be a bit more complicated. In these situations, it is sometimes important to protect yourself and your family by hiring a real estate attorney who is accustomed to dealing with landlord and tenant laws. The following are a few signs that you might need to hire an attorney to help you with your rental situation.
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