Cut Down On Novice Member Liabilities At A Commerical Gym

Posted on: 26 May 2015

People who never previously exercised before may decide one day to commence on a healthier new path in life. Joining a gym is pretty much the easiest way to do so. While it is a good thing commercial gyms promote beginner friendly, non-judgmental training environments for newbies, the practice of just signing inexperienced members up and allowing them to workout without supervision is troubling. True, the new gym member should be reasonably responsible for his/her own actions, but the gym should never be so "
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3 Things That You Should Do Before Buying A Commercial Rental Property

Posted on: 14 April 2015

The rental industry can be extremely lucrative, and you don't have to stop with residential properties. Investing in commercial rentals can be a wonderful way to expand your portfolio, but if you aren't experienced in this business, then you should know that it is quite different from renting out a residential property. To ensure the best possible success, make sure that you do these three things before purchasing and renting out a piece of commercial property.
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